I hear too many people complaining that they can’t cook salmon, it’s too dry, it burns, it’s too oily, etc.

Here’s a great way to succeed!

My cupboard ingredients:

(this is for one portion)

Foil (or oven safe multibake paper – but I prefer foil, cooks better)

1 Salmon fillet

1 lemon

2 spring onions

Pesto or dill paste

Olive oil

Salt & pepper

550 ml. of water

Cooking cream (liquid)


Pre-heat your oven at 220c

Cut a sheet of foil large enough so that you can wrap your salmon fillet en papillote

Set your salmon fillet skin down

Drizzle with olive oil

Set a lemon slice on top of the fillet

Sprinkle the finely chopped onions

Add a little bit of dill (or pesto) paste on top of the fillet

Salt & Pepper

Seal the papillote

Set it in the baking dish and add the water around (I mention 550ml but that is for my dish – the water should basically come up to about a half of the side of the papillote, so add quantity of water to the size of your dish).  DO NOT forget to add the water, this is going to bring moisture to your fish.

Cook for 25 minutes

Than take out of oven, add the liquid cooking cream (be generous) over the fish in the papillotte

Set back in the oven for 5-8 minutes leaving this time the papillote open

Take out of oven and out of the paper in a plate.  Peel off the skin.  Serve with rice and a slice of lemon.

The result should be tender, moist and creamy.

Bon appétit!