So the good weather has finally settled, it calls for nice fresh yet filling salads.

The other night we literally had nothing left in the kitche but a few sausages, 2 slices of ham, 3 potatoes, and onion and garlic parsley.

Right there you have got yourselves a base to make a great salad.

How to:

Chop your potatoes however you like them to be and boil them until tender.

Once they are cooked, take the water out, set them aside at room temp for about 30 minutes them put them in the fridge for a good 2 hours if you can.

Then cook in a pan the sliced sausages, half a chopped onion, 2 garlic cloves and the parsley with salt and pepper.

I like to mix hot and cold to create a chaud-froid salad so if you like that too, mix the cold potatoes with the warm other ingredients, add the sliced cold ham and mix all with 2 spoons of olive oil, 2 spoons of mayonnaise, salt&pepper, a few fresh pasrley leaves and voilà.

If you prefer to wait for the ingredients to cool down that is fine too.  Simply set them in the fridge for about 30 minutes and mix all when cold to your liking.

You can eat that with a nice baguette tartine with some semi-salt butter on it.  Delightful!