I am like many out there who buy cookbooks (that often remain on the shelf), watch TV programs about food or reality TV shows (my favourite being Masterchef Australia) but essentially, I cook from the heart.  I get inspired by recipes I read or dishes I discover on TV or in restaurants, but I rarely follow recipes to the T.

This way of cooking was probably shaped from the hours of having watched my father spent in the kitchen preparing feasts for family and friends.

How lucky was I when I was a little girl to wake up and find my dad so emerged into his cooking passion and to see his face light up when he knew the dish was a success!!!

My love for food has always been there.  I always enjoyed trying new things (apart from lamb and mushrooms that were for a long time big no-no’s but I have since learned to enjoy both)!  However, my appreciation for cooking started 5-6 years ago when I moved in with my boyfriend.

He inspired me and each time he enjoyed my food he pushed me to further discover what I was capable of making.

So I suppose today I have two men to thank, my father and my other half.

Until next time…