Welcome to Fusion Soul Food!

This blog is the result of a personal discovery of what food means to me and how everyday I translate my culinary background on the plate for my loved ones.

Food and its differences have been present in my life since birth.

Born of French parents in Casablanca (Morocco), it has bathed me from an early age in the various flavours, colours and rituals food can bring about.

My first memories are of Moroccan delicacies, the famous and complex pigeon pastilla or the delicious “corne de gazelle”.

Having had the chance to be brought up as an expatriate child (and with a personal amateur Chef as a father), the discoveries continued in the Philippines, China, France, the USA, the UK, Canada and numerous travels.

I have been lucky enough to enjoy some creations of the world’s best chefs, the simple pleasures of street food in Beijing or Hong Kong, or a simple freshly-cut pineapple after a long dive in Thailand.

Fusion Soul Food will show you how I translate these experiences into everyday cooking.  This blog is about providing simple recipes from basic ingredients.  The challenge for me is not to re-do a recipe found in a cookbook but to put together great meals with the few ingredients I might have in my fridge or cupboard on a day where I have not had a chance to do the groceries.

You will find here inspiration to put together your own dishes rather than precise and detailed recipes.

So stay tuned for the first recipe straight from my cupboard!!!